Strong Defense Against Child Pornography Charges
Prosecution of child pornography and Internet Sex crimes involving children are on the rise and are being prosecuted very aggressively by both state and federal authorities. These cases also tend to be very complicated and fact specific. If you have been charged with possession of child pornography or a related Internet crime, issues such as intent to posses and entrapment, along with the technical nature of computer forensic evidence make these cases very complex and challenging to defend.

Some of our clients were surprised to know that they were even under investigation for possession of child pornography. It is possible to find yourself in possession of child pornography in an unsolicited e-mail, as part of mass download of files from the Internet, or as a result of another person using your computer or Internet access.

The criminal defense attorneys at Solare & Scott understand the serious nature of these charges and how they can affect your reputation. We also are skilled in identifying the issues and focusing our attention on the keys to a successful defense. Our attorneys have defended clients in over 100 jury trials and know how to effectively protect YOUR rights and interests.

Exploring all Angles to Protect YOUR Rights
Possessing or distributing child pornography can be a federal crime in addition to a state crime. Penalties can include significant fines and jail time. When facing charges this serious, you need an experience and dedicated criminal defense attorney.

Understand YOUR Rights Regarding Internet Crimes
It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers, detectives and police to hang out in Internet chat rooms, presenting themselves as minors in an attempt to attract a solicitation. We have also seen cases in which disgruntled spouses in our divorce cases went online with a similar intent to set up an individual. Teens also misrepresent themselves as older than they are on social networking sites and chat rooms.

If you feel that you have been entrapped or were part of an Internet sting operation, call us at 619-234-7575 to find out what your rights are.

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At Solare & Scott, we will aggressively defend you against any allegations and do everything possible to discredit the evidence that has been brought against you. Contact us to find out how our attorneys can put you in a stronger position to get the best possible results.

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