Accused of Child Molestation
An accusation is just that, an accusation. It is not the definitive truth; it is an allegation that must be investigated and proven before it is accepted as fact. Unfortunately, with child molestation accusations, the presumption of innocence quickly disappears. Opinions are formed long before the facts are fully revealed.

The criminal defense attorneys at Solare & Scott in San Diego, California, have successfully defended a number of clients against false allegations of child molestation, an experience that can feel like a living nightmare. It is a situation that breeds embarrassment and can permanently strain long-term relationships with family and friends, even when the allegations are ultimately proven false.

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In the last three years, we have successfully represented three clients falsely accused of serious misconduct including two molestations and the attempted rape of a 16-year old. These clients were looking at the prospect of life without parole in one case and 15 to 16 years in jail in another case.

Why Do False Allegations Arise in This Area of the Law?
False Allegation are often motivated by a spouse or family members desire to hurt, control, manipulate or humiliate the accused. A divorce, custody battle or broken relationship is often at the heart of the matter. We have successfully defended several cases in which our clients were falsely accused of the offenses for which they were being charged. These were charges that could have resulted in years of jail time if not fought and defended vigorously.

A key component of our defense is to challenge the motivation of the accuser. We ask, if it didn’t happen as the person said, why are they saying it? There are many issues related to what happened, how it happened and why. If an allegation cannot be corroborated confirmed as fact or truth by supporting evidence or witnesses we will challenge it.

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