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Aggressive defense for Prescription Drug and Other Drug Misuse Cases
Expert defense by a former prosecutor…for people charged with possession, sales,
transportation, manufacturing or trafficking narcotics.

Prescription drug abuse and misuse is a growing problem in California and our community. Nearly 7 million Americans abuse prescription drugs, making it a problem that is second only to marijuana abuse, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It is also more prevalent with our teens, which may believe that prescription and over-the-counter medications are safer to use than illegal drugs.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for illegal use of a prescription drugs such as a pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants, or sedatives, the attorneys at Solare & Scott can help you navigate through a situation that is undoubtedly frightening and unfamiliar to you.

Identifying where the cops went wrong
In making drug busts, narcotics officers frequently:
~ ignore the California rules of search and seizure
~ “set-up” suspects in violation of California entrapment laws
~ rely on bogus “confidential police informants”
~ mislead judges in order to bamboozle California search warrants
~ exaggerate or outright lie in their police reports, or
~ arrest people without evidence that the drugs even belonged them

Our California drugs crimes attorneys know how to scrutinize the case for police mistakes and misconduct. Moreover, we know how to exploit problems in the prosecution’s case to your advantage. In many cases, we can make a motion to suppress evidence…which, if granted, usually leads to the whole case being thrown out of court.

Other Drug Charges
We handle most types of serious state and federal crimes with particular emphasis in defending drug charges. If you or someone you know has been (or may be) charged with any criminal offense, we encourage you to call now for a consultation. We believe that early intervention is critical to our mutual success. We know that being accused of a criminal offense or being under investigation by a government agency can be very distressing and unsettling. You may have some questions as to what direction to take.

We Understand the Difference
Getting caught with a prescription drug charge can be very different than being caught with other recreational or illegal drugs such as a marijuana or cocaine.

For most clients facing a prescription drug charge, this is the first and only encounter they have had with the law. Many of our clients are caught off guard by the seriousness of the charges they are facing a college student in possession of a single Adderall capsule that her friend gave her to help her stay awake for finals or teen found OxyContin in his parents bathroom and thought he could make a few quick bucks by selling a few pills to his friends.

Commonly abused or misused prescription drugs include:
~ OxyContin
~ Percocet
~ Percodan
~ Tylox
~ Lortab or Vicodin
~ Valium
~ Xanax
~ Adderall
~ Ritalin

Because these drugs can be easily accessible, are seemingly harmless and are often legally obtained by the original source, many individuals believe that possessing them is no big deal. But that’s not how the legal system views it. These can be serious charges with serious consequences.

Getting You the Help You Need
If any of your drug charges is related to a substance abuse problem or addiction, we can get you the help you need, beyond legal representation, by connecting you with recovery resources in the San Diego area. We will fight hard to protect your rights and may be able to negotiate a treatment option in lieu of custody. We are also familiar with the various programs of deferred prosecution, and can help you determine your rights and options under those guidelines.

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