Fourth DUI Offense

Fourth DUI Offenses

Aggressive DUI Felony Defense

A fourth DUI offense in California is a felony. It has been our experience in the past couple of years that District Attorney Offices across the state vigorously prosecute theses cases, usually arguing voraciously for a state prison sentence! If you are someone you care about is up against a felony charge for multiple DUIs, your choice of attorney is vitally important. Who will you trust? Who can you trust?

At Solare & Scott we can provide you the competence and wisdom you need in this serious situation. We have significant experience in fighting for the rights of clients with multiple DUIs.

No Substitute for Experience

There is no substitute for experience when the stakes are this high. You want representation that is proven and the confidence that comes with having attorneys who knows the system inside and out. At Solare & Scott our experience, skills and reputation have helped us successfully defend thousands of DUI/DWI cases before and after trial. We can help YOU as well.

Powerful Allies on YOUR Side

Senior and founding attorney, Anthony J. Solare, is a former prosecutor and has been practicing law for over 20 years. He has over 100 jury trials under his belt and over half of those have been DUI cases. He knows what defense work and knows how to present them to a jury in an effective, persuasive manner. If you want to fight your case, you can have no better attorneys on your side than Solare & Scott.

If you need drunk driving defense from an experience lawyer, contact our office to discuss your case and options. Your initial consultation is free.

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