Media Clips and News Articles

Both Anthony and Alexis are often sought after by local media and news sources for their legal expertise and insight. Below our some of these clips and news articles.

Keeping Your Lesbian A** Off Jerry Springer

Partner Alexis L. Scott was a guest speaker on “Lez Be Mommies” answering some tough legal questions and situations.  So you want to be a same-sex parent? What does that mean legally? Do donor contracts work? Can two moms be on the birth certificate? Does it matter if we’re legally married? What about second parent adoption? There are so many legal questions when choosing to become same-sex parents. Ms. Scott walked listeners through the legal terrain of lesbian and same-sex parenting and helps you decide when it may be a good idea to seek a professional legal opinion that could potentially save you thousands in legal fees and keep you out of Baby Daddy trouble.


Hit and Run Drivers Segment on NBC San Diego

Clip from February 11, 2014 NBC San Diego News featuring Partner Alexis L. Scott…!/on-air/as-seen-on/Can-Tougher-Penalties-Stop-Hit-and-Run-Drivers-/245079271.


AB 460 – Infertility Insurance Equality to LGBT Couples

A great article on the new bill AB 460 assuring infertility insurance to LGBT couples with insight from Alexis Scott.


Bomb Scare

Senior Partner Anthony J. Solare discusses a bomb scare hoax on NBD San Diego


Tension In Los Angeles Courtroom


City Sued by Ex-Cop’s Alleged Victims


Craigslist Shootings


Community Supports Four-Time Bank Robber

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