Outcomes and Results

Criminal Defense

  • Innocent Man Accused of Child Molestation, alleged victim under the age of 5, Facing Life in Prison: – 75 minute NOT GUILTY Verdict
  • Innocent Man Accused of Attempt Rape of his 16-year-old stepdaughter: 90 minute NOT GUILTY verdict
  • Possession of One Kilo Cocaine: Dismissed on motion
  • Assault with Firearm: Charges not filed
  • Federally Charged with 9 kilos of Heroine facing 10 years minimum in federal prison: 5 year sentence, half of which spent in local jail
  • Solicitation of Prostitution: Charges Not Files, Charges Dropped
  • Countless DUI Charges DISMISSED
  • DUI Charges REDUCED to Wet or Dry Reckless
  • Felony DUIs – NO JAIL TIME
  • Temporary Restraining Order DISMISSED
  • Possession of Drugs for Sale – NO JAIL TIME
  • Possession of One Kilo Cocaine: CASE DISMISSED ON MOTION
  • Assault with Firearm: CHARGES NOT FILED
  • Attempted Murder Charge – REDUCED
  • Two Falsely Accused INNOCENT Clients facing 20+ years in prison – NOT GUILTY Jury Verdicts
  • 7 out 8 most recent felony jury trials – NOT GUILY

Family Law

  • Child Kidnapped from father for over two years – Daughter Returned to Father with 100% physical and legal custody
  • Alimony Awarded to client whose husband attempted to conceal employment and earnings
  • 50% custody awarded to mother after a 4 hour hearing, against recommendation from mediator
  • $30,000 pre-settlement award from court to wife
  • Client awarded 4 out of the 5 Community Property real estate properties, over 1.5 million in equity
  • Move Away Request approved for client seeking move-away
  • Move Away Request denied for client defending against the move-away
  • Restraining Orders successfully granted and defended


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