Second and Third DUI/DWI Offense

Second & Third DUI Offenses

Are You Facing a Second or Third DUI Offense?

You never imagined you would be here again, facing a second or third DUI charge. Emotionally, it is tough to be back in the same situation, embarrassed to be facing your loved ones with yet another crisis and coming to grips with the possibility of substance abuse or addiction.

Not only are the lessons harder, so are the consequences. You might find yourself facing a higher level of penalties including jail time, strict and prolonged probation, and the complete revocation of your driving privilege.

You need the lawyers at Solare & Scott who have the kind of experience you need and can help you get the results you deserve.

It Is All In The Details

A strong DUI/DWI defense is all in the details. You need an experienced and detailed oriented lawyer who will explore every avenue of defense in your case. We understand exactly what information to gather and how to present it to reflect your case in the best light: What did you eat the day of your arrest? How much sleep did you have? Under what circumstances were you pulled over? How much time elapsed between meals, drinks and your arrest? All of these factors and many more can be crucial to your case.

Helping You Deal With The Aftermath

We will fight vigorously on your behalf to help you avoid a conviction if at all possible. If a conviction is impossible to avoid, however, we can help you prepare for and deal with whatever lies ahead for you.

Many of the consequences of a DUI charge will come well after any court date. We will continue to offer you support and guidance as you face new challenges that come with multiple convictions.

If you have a substance abuse problem, we can work with you to get you enrolled in an appropriate, court-approved recovery program. We will also be there with you to help you regain your driving privileges when the time comes and will educate you about special requirements you must fulfill.

Your Initial Consultation is FREE

The penalties in second and third drunk driving offenses can be significant: license revocation, fines and even jail time. If you are facing a DUI charge, get trusted help on YOUR side. At Solare & Scott we believe that you should not be punished further. Your initial consultation is FREE and our rates are hard to beat. We offer payment plans. We also offer discounts to all military and former clients. Call us 619-234-7575, 24 hours a day.

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