Sex Crimes Attorneys in San Diego, California
Allegation of sex offenses often pit two versions of a story against each other, creating the proverbial he said, she said scenario. How can you be sure that your side of the story will prevail? Will your version of the story even be heard?

At Solare & Scott, our attorneys have experience representing clients charged with a wide range of a sex offenses, including:
~ Sexual Assault
~ Sexual Battery, including Rape, Date Rape, and Statutory Rape
~ Child Molestation
~ Solicitation of Prostitution
~ Indecent Exposure and Lewd and Lascivious Conduct
~ Child Pornography and Internet Crimes

Vigorous Defense * Exhaustive Investigation * Personal Attention
We believe that those accused of committing a sex offense deserve the same understanding, compassion and vigorous defense that everyone deserves. Our experience tells us that sex crime allegations are complex cases and not always what they appear to be on the surface. Most importantly, we know from experience that false accusations can be made and prosecuted! Indeed, Mr. Solare’s most rewarding work led to the full acquittals of three men falsely accused of heinous sexual misconduct in three separate cases.

We have successfully defended clients against sex crimes allegations that were a result of:
~ Having consensual sex with someone who was not yet 18 years old
~ False accusations of an angry or jilted partner who has decided to get even
~ Regrettable acts committed under the influence drugs or alcohol
~ Entrapment by law enforcement personnel representing themselves in an Internet chat room
~ A one-time error in judgment
We do not stand in judgment of our clients. Our goal is to work with you and help you move beyond the accusations you are facing and get your life back to normal,

Powerful Allies In and Out of the Court Room
Our founding attorney, Anthony J. Solare, is a former prosecutor and has been practicing law for over 20 years. He and Alexis L. Scott have handled many cases of this nature and understand the seriousness and delicate nature. Contact us to discuss your sex offense charge. We offer FREE initial consultations.

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